If you do not have the capacity or time, or if your professional lawn care expert deems that this is not necessary, the weekly servicing event that is, you can have a bi-weekly contract made out for you. That will provide for lawn care brooklyn park work for you every second week at least. Regular mowing is required for you to maintain your even turf surface. Alongside professional mowing work, the lawn care expert and his team will be doing your grass trimming and edge work along all difficult to reach places.

They will be taking care of your sidewalks and driveways too. One important aspect of this work is the removal of unsightly and unwelcome weed invasions. If no lawn maintenance work is scheduled for the week, the lawn care expert would like to recommend a weekly inspection. He would like to make sure that your lawn remains well groomed.

As far as he is concerned, timing is everything. It does take time to green and thicken the grass on your lawn. This work will be both year round and done in seasonal stages. Combined with both organic and traditional fertilizing work will be weed control programs. Every fertilizer application that needs to be made will include a balanced granular fertilizer feed and a specially developed weed control product for your specific lawn type.

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Going back to seasonal work for a moment, also note that the lawn care supervisor’s team will be available for both spring and fall cleanups. During these exercises leaf baggers and lawn rakes will be used to remove all leaves, debris and dead grass. Rock and landscape features will also be cleaned. So too will trees (if you have them) be trimmed in time for the winter months.